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Why Companies Choose Upscope

Moo, ADF, Workable, Square and others chose Upscope for experience, speed, stability, security and our mission to be a full context co-browsing service for their super agents

Speed, stability and security for your super agents

Co-browsing requires passing a website's entire interface from a customer and rendering it for a supporting agent. It requires individual adjustments made over years to work across platforms with customers using a range of devices and varying internet speeds.

Your new generation of super agents who are not only supporting but selling, cross-selling and aiding renewals, will be able to delight customers with a fast and stable co-browsing service.

Upscope first began in late 2015, attracting a global base of clients including customers on very slow connections accessing complicated interfaces.

1,000s of unique adjustments have been made to build not only the fastest co-browsing service but the also the most secure.

A security first approach

Combine a security obsessed CTO with the intense scrutiny of global financial and health institutions and you develop a security conscious culture and process.

That includes penetration testing, bug bounties, ISO certification with routine internal and external audits and compliance with HIPAA, GDPR and other standards.

Distributed regional servers allow for data sovereignty. Minimised storage means we only temporarily store the absolute bare minimum of meta data and it's automatically wiped on 24 hour, 7 day and 30 day cycles.

You can see a brief overview of our security features here and talk to our team for any industry or product specific requirements you have and how Upscope can help.

The fastest co-browsing solution

Upscope uses the most advanced data compression to minimise render time and has deployed a distributed network of regional servers that change the co-browsing experience from a lagging and dragging mouse cursor to a smooth flow. It makes all the difference when the customer is on a slow connection.

A road map for your super agents to effectively support and sell

What can you expect in the near future?

A full context co-browsing service.

AI and bots take care of much of the routine work and your super agents are now handling complex support queries, selling and cross-selling and bringing in net new revenue.

To help them, Upscope will continue to develop the core co-browsing service by adding proxy based browsing for providing guidance on any website across the web.

We'll further advance our pre-browse screenshots into a fully fledged customer view so agents can understand the full context of how a customer came to a problem or what that customer needs to convert into a buyer.

Following that we'll roll out an auto-cobrowse feature so you can guide customers that are not online at that moment, as is often the case in an increasing number of omnichannel contact interactions. It's natural for the new generation of customers out there to expect to type a message, walk away and come back to see an answer. We expect auto-cobrowsing to become an increasingly important part of customer support, onboarding, and sales.

Customer experience is evolving and we'll help you navigate it

All front line customer facing roles are tough. Not only do agents need to be super agents but even if 20 customers who contact you are happy, the one unhappy customer contact is something nobody looks forward to.

We want your customer facing agents to be happy super agents who not only support customers but bring in net new revenue. We want to build a complete system they can put their intelligence and creativity into and enjoy their work, no matter the situation they are given.

These new super agents will have higher expectations in the services they use to do their jobs effectively. We're building those services.

Talk to our team about security, speed, features and we'll guide you through where Upscope fits in your strategy.

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