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Screen sharing Olark agents dream of

Seamlessly go from live chat to the user's screen. Say goodbye to installs. Remotely guide your users.

The Upscope difference

Has it loaded yet?
Are you sure you are on the right page?
Can you send me a screenshot?
Are there any errors?
Do you see the green button?
What do you see exactly?
Let me take a look!


1. One click from Olark

Beautifully integrates with Olark. Click "Screen share" next to any conversation and jump to their screen.

2. See the screen in seconds

See their screen in seconds without any of that downloading and installing nonsense regular screensharing requires.

3. Show them on their own screen

Highlight, scroll and click for them on their own screen. It's like sitting next to them and pointing where to click.

The problem

Simple problems with application forms cost thousands in revenue.

For example, a mistyped social security number will cause the form to not submit and often the user will not see the error message.

When the user complains on Olark, it can take the agent a long time to understand the problem, leaving both frustrated and often causing the prospect to leave for a competitor.

The solution

With Upscope, the agent clicks "Screen share" to instantly take a look at the page and spot the problem. They can then highlight the field on the user's screen and watch them fix the problem and complete the application.

The problem

A teacher does not understand, prior to a class, how to use an app that constructs and prints out their educational quiz.

They chat with the app provider to get guidance but they’re struggling to follow the multi-step written instructions required to complete the task.

The solution

The support agent clicks "Screen share" in Olark to go directly to the teacher's screen. They take control and navigate the app page by page until they’ve built the quiz as the teacher watches.

The problem

Most patients do not use appointment scheduling software very often so they don’t remember the user interface. They quite often need guidance and education each time they use the app.

Typing out instructions is frustrating for both the agent and the patient and you don't get to educate the user on the product.

The solution

The support agent clicks to see their screen, a box appears asking the user «Do you want to share your screen?» Once they’ve given permission, the agent clicks through and guides them through the calendar and forms required to schedule an appointment.

The agent is able to educate the user on the different features available and all actions are also recorded in the audit log.

The problem

The onboarding for a new user is key and you want them to reach that special ‘aha’ moment where they understand what the software does for them.

The user is lost during onboarding as they keep entering the wrong data into a critical search field. They’re asking the live chat agent to explain how to use it but only one small mistake is stopping them from understanding it themselves.

The solution

The support agent surprises them by taking a quick 5 second look at their screen and pings them with the advice they need: “Dave, a common error is with the search field, and it’s best to remove any double quotes or hyphens when entering text.”

Problem solved and it looks like magic.

The problem

An user is on Internet Explorer. A submit button is not working and throws up a javascript error on the user's browser which your software developers need to see.

The solution

Rather than spending 10 minutes asking the user to figure out how to open the console and copy and paste the javascript error, you have your tech team remotely access the console errors and issue a fix.

65 %
reduction in time to convert new customers to new products.
19 %
increase in first call resolution with co-browsing.
4 times
more positive customer mentions within social media channels.
10 %
reduction in future support calls when using co-browsing.
Upscope enables us to provide an immersive educational experience at a moment's notice.
— Alex Calvert, Director of Accounts at NurseGrid


Manage permissions

Role based access control for different team members. Create free accounts for those who only manage billing and admin.

Secure login

Secure email based log in process which removes the danger of insecure passwords and makes joining a team instant.

Easy Installation

Simply paste a few lines of javascript below Olark's, and Upscope integrates automatically.

Identify visitors

Set the identity of your users to quickly identify and filter them. You can also set tags to group them.

Remote console

Give your developers essential access and control to the browser control for easy remote debugging.

Historical log

Track your history in the audit log, where you’re able to track everything that happens within your account.

Point, scroll and click

Guide customers from sign up to purchase by scrolling, highlighting and clicking on their screen as if you’re sitting with them.


Get a historic screenshot of the user’s screen when they began a chat as well as a list of events leading up to the chat.

Phone support code

Use the auto-generated 4 digit support code to go direct to their screen when you’re on the phone with a customer.