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Integrate Upscope Co-browsing Using our APIs

You can integrate Upscope Co-browsing into your custom platform, your in-house support system or any other service you wish to enhance, using our APIs.

Upscope has two main APIs of which the javascript API is the default minimum you will need. The REST API is for deeper integrations. Please note that the Upscope team has already created a number of live chat integrations with services like Intercom, Zendesk and more. Below you'll find an overview of how to create your own, along with a couple of examples.

Javascript API

The javascript API is the necessary default code that you add to your website to allow Co-browsing between customers and support agents.

It gives you options on how to configure the look and feel for customers and agents.


The REST API gives you control over how support agents login, how the Co-browsing window is displayed and more.

You might use the REST API to build Upscope Co-browsing into your system for your support team, into your live chat system or CRM system so that you can offer Co-browsing as part of your product to your clients who each have their own support teams.

Co-browsing button

Let’s say you have a CRM system you’d like to add Co-browsing to

You can embed Upscope Co-browsing into an iframe within that CRM and completely white label it as your solution.

This then allows each client purchasing the CRM to support their own customers using Co-browsing.

The first image shows the Co-browse button you add to your CRM for users of that CRM.

This next image shows the Co-browsing window that opens in an iframe once you’ve clicked that Co-browse button.

Co-browsing in an iframe

We understand that integrating Co-browsing into a system so that your clients can use it with their own customers is complicated to explain.

We’ve summarised the process of adding Co-browsing using Upscope's APIs, in that situation, in this post

Add Upscope Co-browsing to your live chat

If you run a live chat system, there are several ways to offer Co-browsing as a feature.

Option 1: Offer Upscope Co-browsing as a 3rd party add-on.

The only requirement, in this case, would be to allow custom attributes within your live chat app and then notify our team and we'd create an entry for your application.

Each of your customers would then have to sign up to Upscope themselves in order to add our company specific javascript snippet onto their websites.

This is how we currently work with major live chat providers including Intercom, Zendesk, LiveChat and more.

Once the Upscope javascript snippet has been added, when a support agent opens up the live chat interface while talking to a customer, they’ll see a screen sharing link wherever you've allowed that custom attribute to appear in that interface.

That screen sharing link is unique for each customer thanks to the Upscope Javascript API on the page which helps generate that link for that unique customer.

Option 2: Integrate it directly into live chat and fully white label it.

Similar to the above CRM example, you might want to white label Upscope for your live chat system’s clients to use with their customers.

In that case, you’d use the REST API and follow a process similar to the one described here.

Pricing? How do you want to buy Upscope Co-browsing?

When it comes to pricing and purchasing Upscope Co-browsing for API integrations, speak to our team and tell us how you’d want to buy the product, how you'd like to trial it and prove it and what your business objectives are.

You have unique needs and require different options depending on your service, we can work with you to figure that out.

Contact any member of our team through our live chat or on and we can set up a demo of Upscope’s key features as well as examples of how the Upscope API is typically used.

Do you have questions? Contact our team!