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Screensharing, as easy as pie

Upscope is the easiest way to screenshare with your customers.

One click to see the screen

Forget access codes, links, downloads. With Upscope, all it takes to see your user's screen is one click.

With our live chat integrations, you'll see a link next to all conversations. Click it, and the user's screen appears. It's like magic.

Guide the user

Showing how to do something is a lot more powerful than explaining it. Easily point, click and scroll for the user as if you were holding their mouse.

Enabling the pointer is as easy as clicking anywhere on the page. Nothing complicated to set up.

Delight your user with simplicity

We built Upscope with ease of use as one of our top priorities. Your users will barely notice it's there.

When you need to screenshare, a simple, optional, pop-up will ask the user for permission.

The interface is simple and straightforward. Your agents will understand how to use Upscope in minutes.

Plus much more

Key features

One click screensharing with all your users

Screenshare in seconds with any user regardless of browser or operating system. Nothing to install or setup.

Remotely control the browser

Remotely control their browser as if you were sitting next to them, no setup required.

Integrate with your existing live chat system

No need to train your agents to use a whole new system. Upscope sits next to your existing live chat software and integrates out of the box.

Works with all modern browsers

Upscope works with all modern browsers, and also works with Internet Explorer 11 or above.

Quick lookup code for phone support

Easily identify users with a four-digit code when they call in.

View and interact with the developer console

Debug live by gaining optional full access to your user's browser console. Execute remote commands and view the output without them having to do anything.

Customize everything

Use our powerful Javascript API to tailor the Upscope experience to your website's needs. Allow your developer to customize prompts, alerts and everything in-between to match the look of your website.

Use across multiple domains

Use the same installation code across multiple domains under one account.

Search through online users

Search your users by name, location, IP address with immediate feedback. After you find who you're looking for, click and see their screen.

Works on localhost and behind closed networks

Screenshare even on IP-restricted websites with our powerful in-browser proxy solution.

Enterprise Full API access

Create powerful integrations with our easy to use Integration API. Allow users to screenshare with each other, hide our branding, and implement your own authentication system.

For teams

Simple team join

Allow team members on the same email domain to sign up in under a minute. Alternatively, manually invite users.

Add team members who are not counted as agents

Invite admin team members without having to pay for them.

Business Detailed usage statistics

See who in your team is using Upscope the most down to the minute.

Share the screenshare session with your team members

Simply copy and paste the url while screensharing with a team member and they can join in.

Business SSO

Allow your agents to quickly log in using their existing account on your customer support software.

Compliance and security

Mask sensitive information

Easily select form fields that you want to hide from Upscope in your dashboard or through javascript. The information you hide is not only not shown to your agents, it never leaves the user's browser.

Rapid and secure login

Secure rapid 2-step email login without risk of password reuse. Enter your email address and get an email with a one-click login link.

Remote log out

Remotely log out your agents at a moment's notice.

Business Role based access control

Set each team member's roles and permissions with precision.

Business Full audit log

Keep track of everything that happens with your account forever. Screenshares, changes in configuration, etc are logged and searchable.

One click data removal

Delete any user's data at a moment's notice from the dashboard.

Enterprise On premise deployment

Deploy your own installation of our data server inside your company network for ultimate peace of mind.