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Learn what makes Upscope the easiest way to screenshare with your users.

See the user's screen while live chatting

Rapidly move from a conversation to viewing a screen via our screenshare link that appears within the live chat panel.

Upscope integrates with Intercom, Olark, LiveChat, and others.

“Screen sharing is a critical tool in Sungage’s quest to provide remarkable customer service. We were able to install and configure Upscope in just a few minutes. It is fully integrated with our existing Olark and our support team and customers were using it happily on day one, with zero training. Speaking of remarkable service, the folks at Upscope have answered our questions and even fixed bugs in minutes, not hours or days. We love it!”

— Mike Giles, CTO at Sungage Financial

Screenshare with anyone phoning in

Add an Upscope-generated 4 digit support code to your website for when someone phones in. The agent can ask the customer for the code and use that to go directly to their screen.

Some of your toughest customers will call in and we know from experience how valuable this is.

Remotely highlight, scroll and click

Unlike old school screen sharing, Upscope co-browsing is exactly that, ‘Co Browsing’. Once you’re viewing a customer’s screen you can also highlight where to go, click for them, scroll for them while they sit back and watch or also participate.

“Upscope not only enhances our User Success team's capabilities with Intercom, but improves the experience for customers using our platform. With Upscope, we're able to dive directly into the current experience of any platform user to easily identify browser or hardware inconsistencies when troubleshooting.

“Additionally, the ability to educate a user on unfamiliar functionality using the spotlight tool has been incredibly beneficial in saving time typically spent writing out lengthy explanations, and instead enabled us to provide an immersive educational experience at a moment's notice.”

— Alex Calvert, Director of Accounts at NurseGrid

Get authorization before screen sharing

Initiate a pop-up box to get the user’s permission before you can see their screen.

A remote browser console

Developer heaven! Let your developers access errors that can only be seen on the remote user’s browser.

They can now remotely see and control the console. This avoids having to ask the user to become a technician and send over their the javascript error within their browser console. A tricky task for the uninitiated.

“Upscope was easily the biggest quality of life improvement in my support work. Because of it I longer have to rely on my guesswork or my customer's technicall skill.

“Since installing it, identifying the problem has become an ease so I can focus on the important stuff—solving customer's problems.”

— Carl Wawrzyniak, Growbots

Screenshots for when you're not there

Users request chat support and go offline but Upscope gives you a screenshot of the page at the point they opened the chat for the agent to see what they were seeing when they made the query.

Prioritise people by tags

Identify and group people by tags to know which are priorities; e.g. companies tagged by employee numbers or revenue.

Track user's activity

Track your user's page views, screen shares, clicks, live opens and more, so you always know what they were doing before requesting help.

Plus a lot more

Key features

Use across multiple domains

Use the same installation code across multiple domains under one account.

Search through online users

Search by location or information you’ve passed in such as tag or name to filter down to the right people. You can do a search “Similar to Google” by putting it in quotes to find a full term or use a negative sign “-Jeff” to remove “Jeff” from the search.

Screenshot of offline user’s screen

Users request chat support and go offline but Upscope gives you a screenshot of the page at the point they opened the chat for the agent to see what they were seeing when they made the query.

See their events list and then choose whether to see their screen

Option to see a user’s event history first before viewing their screen. Very useful when you have permissions set because you want to see the past.

Prioritise people by tags

Identify and group people by tags to know which are priorities e.g. companies tagged by employee numbers or revenue.

Customise the prompt

When permissions are set there is a default box but you can set change this to ask your own customised question.

Powerful Javascript API

Customize the experience for your customers by using our powerful Javascript API

For teams

Rapid secure login

Secure rapid 2 step email login without risk of password reuse. Enter your email address and get an email with a one-click login link.

Secure team join

Allow team members on the same email domain to sign up in under a minute. Alternatively, manually invite users.

Add team members who are not counted as agents

Avoid paying for additional team members who are only there to e.g. manage billing. Add them without any additional cost.

Business Role based access control

Set whether team members can see the user list, watch a screen, control general settings, manage the team, access the activity log, access billing. Also, there’s option to remotely log out agents.

Business Full audit log

Tracks everything that happens with the account and saves it forever including actions taken by agents and our own staff. We don’t record the content of screen sharing sessions which remain private.

Business SSO

Allow your agents to quickly log in using their existing account on your customer support software.

Add multiple teams each with separate billing

Sign up and add multiple teams for multiple domains each with separate billing.