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Give your agents superpowers.

Upscope improves your customer support by letting your agents see your customer's screens without installs.

About Upscope

We started developing Upscope in November 2015 in the smallest WeWork in the world right in the heart of London. We released our beta in January 2016 and launched in April 2017.

What we believe in


Our lives are complicated enough, why make them even more so? We want to make customer support simpler and more efficient, this means no training needed and a clean interface.


Our customers and their users need to be sure that their data is safe. Security is our topmost priority when developing our software, and it drives all our architectural decisions. Learn more about our security here.

World-class support

What good would we be if we didn't give out-of-this-world customer service ourselves? We're here for you during business hours, just click on the little chat bubble in the corner of the screen and we'll answer within minutes!

Our Co-founders


Joe d'Elia

My name is Joe, I handle tech things and am the designer of the Upscope system. I exterminate the bugs in the system and create new features.

I am originally from Italy and have lived in San Francisco, New York, and now London.

I am also a pilot. Pardeep thinks it's cool and I should say it.


Pardeep Kullar

Hey, I'm Pardeep, I manage customer support and growth. I have founded various start-ups and have worked in engineering and health.

I'm interested in educational games and eating katsu curry in every city on the planet.

Where we are

Our team works out of Soho in Central London. Come visit for free beer or cider on our rooftop!

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