Give your agents superpowers.

Upscope improves your customer support by letting your agents see your customer's screens without installs.

What we believe in


We strive to make to make a product that is so simple to use there is no need for training. Our customers see high adoption rate with little effort.


Security is our topmost priority when developing our software, and it drives all our architecture decisions. Lern more about our security here.

World-class support

We make sure to deliver personal and prompt support by our core team. We are available during business hours on live chat and will often get back to you right away.

Our Co-founders


Pardeep Kullar

Pardeep manages customer support and growth. You'll often hear from him if you write in.

He previously founded other startups and worked in consulting.


Joe d'Elia

Joe is the main tech person and has built the system. He'll fix bugs and develop new features.

He is originally from Italy and has lived in San Francisco, New York, and now London.

Where we are

Our team works out of Soho in Central London. Come visit for free beer or cider on our rooftop!

Want to get in touch? Send us a message!