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Which live chat solution should you use with Upscope Co-browsing?

The range of options out there is confusing so below we'll cover two live chat solutions we've used ourselves and also created integrations with.

We've used both Intercom and LiveChat

We started with LiveChat and switched to using Intercom because of its email sequences. Upscope Co-browsing integrates with both services.

Why do we currently use Intercom?

Intercom is a live chat service with several key modules:

  • Live chat
  • Onboarding and educational email sequences
  • Built in help articles that can be inserted into live chats to answer questions

The key benefits of these features are as follows:

  • The email sequences help convert trials into customers step by step.
  • All conversations with a customer are in one central feed.
  • The whole team works together in talking to customers on that one central feed.
  • You can add shortcut links to backend admin functions to save time in editing accounts.
  • You can create pop-up internal adverts or reminders.
  • Customers can educate themselves using the articles module containing all help articles.

We cover the full before and after impact of Intercom within the following post

We cover the key features of intercom in a case study here

You can start with Intercom by signing up here.

LiveChat is a service we have used previously and still recommend

Before using Intercom we used LiveChat. Our CTO still talks lovingly of it though we ended up going with Intercom for its onboarding email sequences, which we needed at that time.

LiveChat is priced by seat whereas Intercom prices by both seat and volume of customers. This makes LiveChat less expensive.

LiveChat, like Intercom, has a marketplace of integrations which include email sequence tools and many others if you need them. If you simply want to live chat and to co-browse with customers then this is a great option. Upscope has had an integration running with LiveChat for several years.

You can start with LiveChat by signing up here.

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