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Secure, effortless screen sharing 🎉

Companies uses Upscope to provide their customers an effortless screen sharing experience.

What is Upscope?

Upscope is the simplest screen sharing system available and it is used by companies of all sizes to give their customer an easy way to share their screen without anything to download.

Because screen sharing is limited to the website's pages, no personal information is shared and you didn't have to install anything.

Why Upscope?

Easy to use

Anybody can use Upscope within minutes. Install it on your website and access any user's screen in seconds.

Secure by design

With numerous levels of security, from encryption to permission structures, we’re tenacious about data protection.

Improved user experience

Frictionless for the user, your team is able to resolve issues faster and provide immersive onboarding sessions at a moment's notice.

vs Screen sharing

Upscope's Co-browsing is set purely within your browser, meaning that it is safer and has no access to your personal data. With nothing to download, it gives an effortless experience.

Upscope Others
No downloads required Yes No
Highlight the user's screen Yes No
Control the browser for the user Yes No
Securely limited to the browser Yes No
See the entire screen No Yes
Doesn't slow down bandwith Yes No