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About our plans

Can I cancel at any time?

All you have to do to cancel is visit your billing page. As soon as you cancel, you won't be charged again.

What's your refund policy?

Get in touch with our team within 14 days of purchase for a full refund—no questions asked!

How many team members can I add?

You can add as many team members as you'd like to your team. The only limitation is the number of agents that can be online screensharing at the same time.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, you get a two week free trial from the point you install it!

What does “Online agents” mean?

If you were on the 2 online agents plan, you can have your entire team signed up but only 2 team members can be viewing users online at the same time.

Are Unlimited online and daily users really unlimited?

The limit is actually set to 5,000 online users and 50,000 daily users, which covers most websites. If your website is larger than that, please get in touch and we'll work something out.

About Upscope

Where is Upscope based?

Upscope is based in London, UK. All your data will be stored in North Virginia, US.

What type of companies use Upscope?

Upscope is used in production by companies ranging from small startups and agencies to large financial organizations and tech companies.

How long has Upscope been going for?

Our public beta was running from January 2016. Upscope was launched in April 2017.

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“Screen sharing is a critical tool in Sungage’s quest to provide remarkable customer service. We were able to install and configure Upscope in just a few minutes. It is fully integrated with our existing Olark and our support team and customers were using it happily on day one, with zero training. Speaking of remarkable service, the folks at Upscope have answered our questions and even fixed bugs in minutes, not hours or days. We love it!”

— Mike Giles, CTO at Sungage Financial