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Effortless Interactive Customer Onboarding Software

Meet Upscope, the no-download, instant, interactive screen sharing built for onboarding and supporting customers.

See their screen in one click

From live chat or while talking on the phone, see their screen instantly.

Scroll and click together

Remotely guide and talk with your customers as if you were sitting next to them.

No downloads required

Nothing to download or install for the customer or the agent.

See what they see, instantly

No need to download software, install extensions or go to a call url.

Lookup the user you want to Co-browse with, click, and see their screen.

Draw to draw their attention

Easily show how to navigate your site by drawing on their screen.

Let the user learn by doing without struggling to explain where to click.

Take control when needed

Use your own mouse on their screen and interact with the page to take the user around the app.

Click and scroll for them as if you were holding their mouse.

Enterprise friendly

Advanced user managment, SAML2.0 SSO, granular access control, advanced reporting and audit log.

Security-first approach

Access limited to your own website, mask sensitive fields or portions of the page and more.

Customize everything

Full access to Javascript SDK and REST API, Whitelabel support, customize all prompts.

Our data shows Upscope has cut our onboarding team's call time by 27%, which is fantastic.

I recommend this product to anyone who is on a sales, support, or onboarding SaaS team.

— Cainen Gerety, Sales Manager at Square