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Screen sharing Intercom agents dream of

Seamlessly go from live chat to the user's screen. Say goodbye to installs. Remotely guide your users.

Why Upscope?

Go from this...
Has it loaded yet?
Are you sure you are on the right page?
Can you send me a screenshot?
Are there any errors?
Do you see the green button?
What do you see exactly? this!
Let me take a look!

In one click from Intercom, take a look at your user's screen and understand the real problem right away. Loved by a growing number of customer success teams worldwide.

Install it just like Intercom.

Add two lines of javascript, and the user and agent will never have to install anything. It just works.

Point, scroll & click for them.

Click anywhere on their screen to highlight an area, and then scroll and click to guide them through your app.

Understand the problem in seconds.

View the screen without your user even knowing to rapidly discover the real problem. If you prefer, you can also ask for their permission like this.


Automatic Intercom integration.

We integrate with Intercom so you can go straight from chatting live to seeing the screen in one click. Our automatic integration enables Upscope for all your Intercom agents without you having to configure anything.

Talking over the phone?

See the person's screen by entering their unique code.

“Screen sharing is a critical tool in Sungage’s quest to provide remarkable customer service. We were able to install and configure Upscope in just a few minutes. It is fully integrated with our existing Olark and our support team and customers were using it happily on day one, with zero training. Speaking of remarkable service, the folks at Upscope have answered our questions and even fixed bugs in minutes, not hours or days. We love it!”

— Mike Giles, CTO at Sungage Financial