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Integrate Co-browsing

Integrate Co-browsing into your process using the javascript API and REST API.

Add Co-browsing to your 3rd party live chat system

Upscope Co-browsing integrates with a number of live chat tools via a simple copy and paste of the Upscope javascript snippet to the same page as the live chat code.

Once added, when you chat to a user, you'll see a Co-browsing link appear in the live chat interface which lets you instantly see their screen and click for them. No downloads or installs are required by support staff or customers. Below are a number of the live chat companies that Upscope integrates with.

  • Intercom

    The company that truly led a new wave of expansion for live chat services across the web, along with a deeper sales and marketing integration via onboarding email sequences that trigger additional conversations.

  • LiveChat

    One of the original LiveChat companies with a robust tool used by a large number of organisations from small, medium to enterprise.

  • Drift

    A rapidly growing Intercom competitor taking a lot of the market's attention via an experienced serial entrepreneur founder.

  • Zendesk chat

    Originally known as Zopim until it was acquired by Zendesk, this is used by an incredibly large community and Zendesk is one of the most established and trusted organisations in the field.

  • Olark, Reamaze, Chatra and more...

    We're adding further integrations every week as there are new live chat companies launching across the world regularly these days. Let us know if your provider is not listed and we'll find out if an integration is possible.

A simple integration for your platform using the JS API

The Javascript API lets you customise Co-browsing for users and allows you to create your own integration for your live chat, crm or other support system.

  • Add a Co-browsing link on your interface for your support agents

    If you have your own support platform and wish to do a fast simple integration, you can use the javascript API to generate a Co-browsing link and place that link on your interface. Each link is uniquely generated for each user's screen.

  • Customise your integration

    You can use the javascript API to, for example, pass in user information allowing you to search for them by name, email or other unique id when they call or alternatively generate a unique code for them to read out to your agents.

Create a full integration using the REST API

The REST API enables you to integrate Upscope within your application and handle authentication however you wish.

  • For when your clients have their own support agents

    "I'm working on software where each of my clients have their own support agents who wish to use Co-browsing." or "I have 100s of agents using our platform and I'd like to manage authentication within our app". When you're the provider of a software service which companies purchase for their own support agents or you have 100s of agents and you don't want them all creating Upscope accounts to use Co-browsing, you'd need to use the REST API. Typically, companies fully whitelabel Upscope Co-browsing into their platforms by placing the Co-browsing screen itself into an iframe.

  • For when you want complete control over authentication

    You can retrieve information about your account and your visitors, as well as generate authorization tokens that allow unauthenticated visitors to screen share with Upscope.

On premise Co-browsing

Upscope has an on-premise option. Get in touch with our team via our chat box or email us directly on

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