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An Easy Win for SaaS Customer Experience

Upscope Co-browsing is the simplest software for improving customer experience by seeing what your customer sees, instantly.

A dozen competitors in a year

Every SaaS company knows that now, more than ever before, customer support and onboarding is key to conversion and retention. The number of SaaS products within each category rises exponentially after the first one arrives and customer experience tied to brand, is the strongest competitive advantage you can have.

Support and onboarding that is iPhone smooth

SaaS companies, just like the fortune 500 are becoming increasingly focused on customer experience in a world where customers expect an iPhone level of smoothness to all interactions.

There are also now companies like Superhuman who have started onboarding every single customer one to one, which could signal yet another shift in how much time and effort is needed to build and maintain growth.

We’ve seen Upscope Co-browsing taken up by a range of SaaS companies. It does reduce average handle time for both support and onboarding by anything from 20% to 80% with 30% being a reasonable benchmark. However, it’s the added experience of not having to install screen sharing, of having an agent instantly see the problem and guide you through an app that matters. It’s a key moment of effortlessness memorable among so many disappointing support interactions out there.

Business cases

Below are examples of SaaS companies in the legal and automotive industry using Upscope Co-browsing.


Docketly is a smart appearance counsel solution for high-volume law firms.


Docketly use Upscope to troubleshoot and help users with setup. Upscope allows them to see what customers see and walk them through the problem. They use features like the highlighter pen to guide users on where to click next.

Upscope's impact on call time for Docketly staff can be immense.

“Call time can be anywhere from 45 mins to an hour because we have to identify the root cause of the problem, but with Upscope it allows us to see what they are seeing and eliminate the guessing game so a 45 minute problem can now be a 15 minute problem”


DriveCentric is an award winning CRM for dealerships. It was founded in 2010 with the goal of using rapidly evolving technology to deliver a cutting-edge suite of products that are simple enough to be used by anyone.


DriveCentric were one of the earliest companies to go all in with Upscope and we're happy to have kept such a rapidly growing and high quality organisation onboard.

DriveCentric uses the Intercom live chat system, for which Upscope has a custom integration, allowing DriveCentric staff to launch a Co-browsing session directly from within the chat box.

CRMs are often the most feature rich applications and require extensive support, onboarding and ongoing education. DriveCentric has been a consistent and extensive user of Upscope Co-browsing.

“Upscopes helps us directly support our customers the fastest way possible. By integrating directly into Intercom, if a customer starts a conversation we are able to see their screen within seconds!”

“Our users love this kind of interaction and it makes our entire support experience another killer feature of our product and our brand. We love Upscope and can't wait to see how we can continue to push live support to the next level.”

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