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Partner with Upscope

Partnerships help us succeed in bringing a sophisticated technology to the wide base of users that need it and we'd like to work with you.

We work together with OEMs, software houses, resellers, distributors, systems Integrators and more to provide fast and secure co-browsing for your clients via our API and on-premise.

What are the key benefits?

  • You can completely white label Upscope to integrate it within your technology.
  • Work with Upscope to find pricing and discounts that work according to your and your clients business models.
  • You can deploy securely on-premise, go via cloud only, use our REST API or a combination of these that allows for convenience and security.
  • There will be prioritised support with emergency access to support teams at all times.


  • Embed Upscope in your omni-channel call center solution.
  • Build it into your custom solutions for the banking and finance industry.
  • Improve your customer experience solution by adding instant visual support.
  • Recommend Upscope as part of your operational and business efficiency drive.
  • Add Upscope as an additional service to your suite of outsourced tools.
  • Accelerate your customer’s digital engagement projects.

Begin by contacting us directly

Email our partnership team with a brief introduction on the type of partnership you're interested in and the industries you focus on.

Send the email to our team at

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