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Improve Customer Experience Using Upscope Co-browsing

A surprising and innovative new technology like Upscope Co-browsing can improve customer experience in several key areas.

Using Upscope Co-browsing, you'll not only reduce average support handle time or the length of onboarding sessions but by bridging the gap between the customer voice and the customer intention, you'll understand feedback like never before.

1. Fix customer problems by seeing what they see

By seeing what a customer sees, you can:

  • Help them through a complicated web form.

  • Guide them through feature rich applications to find the right setting.

  • Educate customers on how to use a specific feature.

  • Understand technical problems customers might encounter.

Frictionless and private

It should be possible to help your own customer, on your own website without asking them to install screen sharing.

Installing standard screen sharing is time consuming, not secure and opens up a customer’s private tabs and desktop documents to support agents.

Upscope Co-browsing is instant, limited to your own website on the customer’s browser and interactive.

You can take your toughest, least technical user and guide them through the most feature rich interface without them leaving the page.

30% faster handle time while maintaining quality

When you can see what the customer sees in one click, support sessions run 30% faster and yet maintain or improve in quality. Why? Seeing their screen is one thing but being able to click, scroll and type with them on THEIR screen makes it a rapid and effective learning session.

Interactivity for 19% better FCR

By instantly seeing the real underlying problem and using your mouse on their screen to guide them through it, first time call resolution improves by 19%.

No downloads for higher NPS & CSAT

Security conscious customers getting instant and interactive visual help, without having to download screen sharing, will improve longer term NPS and shorter term CSAT scores.

Employees are happier

Upscope Co-browsing gets incredible reviews from support agents and managers of departments working with customers. Rather than typing the same set of instructions, agents feel as if they're sitting next to a customer to direct them. It's visual engagment that few other services come close to.

2. New technology means new onboarding and educational processes

When you can not only instantly see your customer trying to navigate your site but also browse with them, you can help them in new ways.

Onboarding one to one

Upscope Co-browsing provides new opportunities to onboard customers. A new trend of onboarding users even for seemingly self-service products is growing. Educating the user first-hand is effective and now, given greater competition, also cost effective.

Rather than setting aside 30 minutes or more of a scheduled meeting to onboard a customer, customers can be taken through your site from start to finish in minutes.

It's one click to see what they see, a second click to begin browsing with them and it works smoothly for incoming phone calls as well as live chat. They’ll build muscle memory in using the product and you’ll educate them on a wide range of features.

On the spot education

With visual engagement, you may find that onboarding and support overlap to become a new form of ongoing education. Every interactive session becomes a chance to show a customer new features and upsell in a way that was not possible before.

3. Bridge the feedback gap by adding vision to the voice of the customer

CX feedback data needs to be interpreted. If the interpretation is done just based on what the data says, you can't see the customer intentions behind their actions and behind their feedback.

Co-browsing gives you a huge wave of visual customer feedback. It gives you vision on top of the voice of the customer.

While most companies can't screen share with every customer due to set up issues, as Co-browsing is instant screen sharing, they end up doing a large number of Co-browsing sessions.

This provides companies with an incredible set of new data on customer intentions that regular form based feedback data fails to capture.

Have Upscope Co-browsing feed customer intentions into CX systems

You can trigger a feedback survey for both support agents and customers after a Co-browsing session.

The Upscope javascript API is built to allow your team to trigger any action on completion of a Co-browsing session. If you’d like to show a CSAT form or another feedback form on finishing a session, you can do so.

At it's simplest, we recommend triggering a feedback form for support agents to add their view on what the customer may have struggled with as well as a standard feedback form for the customer.

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