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A Better Customer Experience in Finance

Upscope Co-browsing is the simplest software for improving customer experience by seeing what your customer sees, instantly.

Driven by customer experience

A need to provide a better customer experience is driving transformational change in financial organisations. Co-browsing is an easy win for improving CX because it gives customers simple, secure and instant visual support at key moments such as when they’re frustrated and daunted by walls of forms.

  • Secure and compliant

    In banking, investment, loans, payments or insurance you need secure and compliant support services and no-download browser based Co-browsing, with complete control over data and on-premise options for added security, fits that need.

    Upscope Co-browsing is trusted by both financial and health organisations worldwide because it’s ISO certified, HIPAA and GDPR compliant and built to allow complete control over data.

  • Control data using cloud, REST API or on-premise

    Whether you take up the standard cloud based option, use the REST API or require an on-premise version, there will be options across all of them to control where data flows, what agents see and granular permissions on who can access which feature.

Below we cover a few companies using Upscope Co-browsing for improving customer experience.

Applied Data Finance

Applied Data Finance (ADF) uses a proprietary methodology and advanced data science to make a more accurate assessment of a borrower's true creditworthiness for their loans site Personify Financial.

Applied data finance

ADF used the Upscope REST API to build Co-browsing directly into their support systems. This means their agents don’t need to login via Upscope as ADF manages all sessions and Upscope provides just the core Co-browsing capability.

Security was of great importance and Upscope’s ISO certification and compliance to industry standards helped meet ADF's needs by covering both the software and physical security requirements.

“Upscope has delivered more than expected! Our agents and customers have nothing but good things to say about the screen sharing tool. It was easy to implement and requires very little training to get our agents up and running. We have seen improvements in the customer experience and a reduction in handle times. So happy that we chose Upscope!”

— Jeff Kacirek, Manager of Call Center Operations at Applied Data Finance


Square is a financial services, merchant services aggregator, and mobile payment company.

When busy people with limited time to understand yet another new interface come across essential feature rich applications, having Co-browsing to onboard and support them creates a unique customer experience.

Square payroll

Upscope is heavily used by Square's onboarding team to take clients through their feature rich payroll systems. Onboarding is now faster and more effective with calls taking almost 30% less time while maintaining quality.

“This product allows us to help guide our customers through our software while onboarding them. The fact that it is a no download software for the customer is great and very frictionless.”

“The primary user is our onboarding team and our data shows that it cuts their calls down from 30 mins to about 22 mins (27%), which is fantastic”

— Cainen Gerety, Square Sales Manager

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