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Co-browsing for contact centers

Upscope provides you with secure and fast co-browsing and an enterprise grade solution with an administrative backend built for large teams.

Below we cover how Upscope is important for employee satistfaction, the metrics it impacts, how to use it, security and how you'd like to test and pay for it.

Staff satisfaction leads and metrics follows

While metrics like average handle time are important for a contact center, it follows job satisfaction rather than leads it. If you take care of staff, the metrics work out anyway.

There’s a lot of work put into maintaining motivation and job satisfaction in contact centers. Team leaders are concerned with employees coming to work and feeling motivated and at ease within the work environment by having clarity within their tasks and having access to the right information to perform those tasks.

Naturally they're dissatisfied with repetition that does not add value and in not having the information they need to guide someone efficiently.

Upscope co-browsing is for employee as well as customer satisfaction

If you’re walking through a contact centre and you’re frustrated hearing the same questions like “Have you clicked on the submit button?” or “What error does it show after you click submit?” then you know that employees and customers are 10X as frustrated.

Upscope co-browsing is for seeing what the customer sees, instantly.

Rather than asking the customer to spend their time explaining their problem with your system, you click once to see the problem and without having to download any software. It’s instant. By doing so, you skip half a dozen qualifying questions.

Guide them by clicking for them on their screen.

Not only can you see what they see but you can send your mouse cursor over the internet to appear on their screen and scroll and click for them, as if you were sitting next to them.

Customers don’t have to worry that you’re looking at their other tabs or desktop

Customers don’t want to show anyone their messy desktop folders or the fact they got Google on another tab open with a private medical query in the search.

When contact center staff can only see their own website on the customer’s browser, the customer does not need to worry about getting guidance via a co-browse session.

Being educators and problem fixers is empowering

One of the most satisfying aspects of Upscope co-browsing is how it makes you feel like a skilled educator and problem fixer rather than following an automated system, you get to feel like you’re sitting there next to a customer to help them. It provides the right type of serotonin boost.

First call resolution, average handle time, CSAT and NPS

The impact of Upscope co-browsing will be greater depending on the complexity of the application and the technical ability of the customer.

On complicated applications with non-tech customers the average handle time can be reduced by between 30% to 43%.

First time call resolution is harder to measure and benchmark because it’s so easily impacted by a range of factors outside of a contact center’s control but industry wide statistics suggest a 20% improvement on average.

The novelty of co-browsing and the speed at which it resolves problems positively impacts both the more immediate CSAT and longer term NPS scores.

As noted further above, if employees at contact centers are given the right tools and empowered to user them then the improvement in metrics will follow.

How to use it

Use Upscope with digital channels for one click co-browsing

Upscope can be integrated into your existing live chat system, CRM or support software for employees to be able to go from a customer chat to co-browsing in one click. Upscope already integrates with a number of systems and further integrations can be added very quickly.

Using Upscope with audio calls

To see the customer’s screen when they call in, Upscope generates a simple pin code for customers to read out to your contact center support staff. Entering that takes them straight into a co-browsing session.

Speaking to a customer and co-browsing with them is exactly like sitting next to them and guiding them through a website. It’s a perfect combination.

Installation is simple and can take minutes

Installing Upscope requires a simple copy and paste of the Upscope snippet onto the pages of your website that you wish to co-browse on. That’s it. It can take minutes and you can be assured that Upscope was built from the ground up for minimising data storage and maximising security.

Upscope was built for security from the ground up

Upscope is ISO27001 certified, HIPAA and GDPR compliant with granular user permissions, audit logs, SSL everywhere, ability to hide fields, control which data is stored and much more. Our clients are health, finance, SaaS and e-commerce companies from around the globe with stringent security requirements.

See the full security document here.

Pricing? How do you want to purchase and integrate Upscope?

SaaS has matured rapidly in the last few years and now the best question we can ask, rather than adhering to a rigid structure that works for nobody, is how do you want to buy Upscope? Here are some examples of what has worked before.

Per physical seat

A commitment based structure with an agreed minimum number of seats. This fits well with contact center shift patterns.

The cost per seat starts at a lower rate to prove return on investment, after which it will increase to the regular rate, eventually hitting bulk discounts.

Perpetual licenses

This is typical with a license fee up front and then an annual maintenance charge. Perpetual license pricing models are used when you yourselves price this way with your customers for large volumes, with an agreed minimum.

Proof of concept

We understand that it can take a couple of months for actual usage to make itself clear so you don’t want to pay annually until you’re sure. It’s often the case with co-browsing that the volume of usage is dependent on the relative technical knowledge of the end user and the complexity of the software or service that the contact center is supporting.

Tell us how you'd like to proceed

Tell us how you’d like to buy, test and prove Upscope works for you and we’ll work together on a business and pricing model that fits.

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