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How Consultancies Work with Upscope

Upscope works with consultancies to help build Co-browsing into existing products for their clients. The integration is typically built using the Upscope Co-browsing API.

Working together to provide Co-browsing to clients

Rather than building it in-house, it's now normal for organisations to use APIs to add value to existing software and processes. Upscope's API offers a secure and stable Co-browsing service which is becoming essential to providing a frictionless customer experience.

It takes months and sometimes years to fully introduce and implement a new system for a client.

Even when a service is as obvious a need as Co-browsing, with all its advantages, it still requires sending documentation, presenting slides, one to one demos, a POC and more to help organisations confirm the ROI of that technology.

Upscope works with consulting companies to provide Co-browsing capabilities to their clients.

This might involve using the Upscope REST API to white label and integrate Upscope into a new system or it could be installing an on-premise version.

We have resources that will help you understand how that integration might work along with documents and slides you will find useful in presenting the technology to clients.

First of all though, we can discuss integration options, security, pricing and more. Contact any member of our team through our live chat or on and we can set up a demo of Upscope’s key features as well as examples of how the Upscope API is typically used.

Do you have questions? Contact our team!