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What's different about Upscope?

Upscope is not your average screen sharing system. Learn why.

1. No downloads required

Nothing to download or install for the customer or the agent.

2. Never leave the page

The user stays on the page they are already on, you go to them.

3. Scroll, click and type together

Remotely guide and talk with your customers as if you were sitting next to them.

Upscope Most Co-browsing solutions Regular Screen Sharing solutions
No downloads required Yes Yes No
Highlight the user's screen Yes Depends No
Control the browser for the user Yes Yes No
Seamless VoIP audio calls Yes Yes Yes
One click screen sharing from most live chat sytems Yes Some No
Salesforce integration Yes No No
User never has to leave your site Yes Depends No
See the entire screen No No Yes
Securely limited to the browser Yes Yes No
Works on password-protected staging environments Yes No Yes
Works on localhost, router configuration pages, etc. Yes No Yes
Advanced API and White label options Yes No No
Advanced user management and access control Yes Some Some
Audit logs and session recordings Yes Some Some
ISO certified, HIPAA and GDPR compliant Yes No Some
On-premise deployment available Yes Some No
Proprietary encoding system for low bandwith impact Yes No No
Pixel perfect screen quality Yes Yes No
Mask sensitive form fields Yes Some No
Mask entire portions of the page Yes No No
Support for latest web technologies Yes Some Yes