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New customer Joe
New York City
Support agent Clara

Secure Cobrowse Software for Your Team

Interactive screen sharing for support and onboarding.

Robust security

Hide specific parts of the page and ensure compliance in all industries.

No downloads required

Nothing to download or install for the customer or the agent.

Cobrowse together

Remotely guide and talk with your customers as if you were sitting next to them.

Explain your pricing and features as if you were sitting next to them.

Keep your leads engaged during phone calls by adding a visual element.

Walk them through your website and point out features, pricing and benefits while talking as if you were there.

With Upscope, screensharing is built into your website and instantly available for all your sales reps with nothing to setup.

Sit next to your customers and show them your product.

Highlight where to click, and if they don't understand then click for them.

Whether on a phone call or from live chat, click one link to see their screen in seconds. From there, navigate your website with them.

Provide them with an immersive and effortless learning experience.

Never ask “Do you see any errors?” again.

Give your agents sight. With one click from a phone conversation or live chat, you can see their browser and pinpoint the problem without asking them questions.

From there, surprise them by showing them the solution with an engaging visual experience.

Reduce support resolution time, get more positive feedback and reduce frustration for both your agent and customer.

65 %
reduction in time to convert new customers to new products.
19 %
increase in first call resolution with Co-browsing.
4 times
more positive customer mentions within social media channels.
10 %
reduction in future support calls when using Co-browsing.

or Screenshare?

Upscope's cobrowse software is set purely within your browser, meaning that it is safer for you and your customers.

With nothing to download, it gives your customers an effortless experience.

Upscope Others
No downloads required Yes No
Highlight the user's screen Yes No
Control the browser for the user Yes No
Securely limited to the browser Yes No
User never has to leave your site Yes No
See the entire screen No Yes
Doesn't slow down bandwith Yes No
Upscope enables us to provide an immersive educational experience at a moment's notice.
— Alex Calvert, Director of Accounts at NurseGrid

Installs in 5 minutes…

We believe in simple installations and beautiful integrations. To install Upscope, simply copy and paste our code on the pages you want to view.

…and plays well with others

Upscope simply integrates with the most popular live chat services so you can view the user’s screen in one click during a conversation.