Click to see the user's screen from live chat.

Never ask "What do you see on your screen?" again. View their screen in seconds without any installs.

Why Upscope?

Never ask “Do you see any errors?” again. Click on the link next to any live chat user, and you’ll have your their screen in front of your eyes. Understand what’s wrong. Show them how to fix it. Happy customer, happy agent.

No install required

All you have to do to enable Upscope is add two lines of javascript to your website or web app. The user and the agent will never have to install anything. It just works.

Point, scroll & click for them.

Don’t spend time telling your users how to do things, just show them.

Click anywhere on their screen to enable a pointer, and then scroll and click to guide them through your app.

Automatic live chat integration.

See your user’s screen straight from an Intercom conversation.

Our automatic integration enables Upscope for all your agents without you having to configure anything.

We also take a screenshot when the user asks for help to make sure you don’t miss anything.