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Co-browsing: instant, effortless screensharing for

In seconds, take a look at your user's screen and understand the real problem.

Loved by a growing number of customer support and success teams.

Screenshare in seconds

No more back and forth messaging and screenshots, all it takes is one quick look.

No downloads required

Go from talk to cobrowse instantly - no downloads, no links.

Increase conversions

Bring a human touch to your onboarding that will turn leads into advocates.

Boost sales by guiding and informing your customers around your products.

Not everyone knows what they’re looking for, and giving your customers an effortless buying experience could be the difference between a lost sale and a loyal customer.

This especially partners well with e-commerce, where you can assist in product decisions, check-out complications, and upselling.

Increase retention by providing leads with the smoothest onboarding.

Prospects are often met with interfaces that can initially intimidate, this leads them to delay exploring and potentially forgetting the platform.

Eradicate any confusion that comes with unfamiliar platforms and teach your prospects of the value you can bring.

Educate your customers to become experts at your product and reduce flow of queries.

Bringing an element of sight gives you the unique opportunity to see what’s happening, rather than bombarding your customers with questions to pinpoint an issue.

Fix bugs through the built-in console, assist in setting updates, and save hours of messaging back and forth.

Identify bugs and remotely diagnose problems faster through full access to the user’s web console.

Execute arbitrary code and capture screenshots remotely without the need for tedious back and forth with the user.

Eliminate confusion, especially with non-tech users, and provide them with the most polished support.

65 %
reduction in time to convert new customers to new products.
19 %
increase in first call resolution with co-browsing.
4 times
more positive customer mentions within social media channels.
10 %
reduction in future support calls when using co-browsing.

vs Screen sharing

Co-browsing is set purely within your browser, meaning that it is safer for you and your customers. With nothing to download, it gives your customers an effortless experience.

Upscope Others
No downloads required Yes No
Highlight the user's screen Yes No
Type, scroll and click for the user Yes No
Securely limited to the browser Yes No
See the entire screen No Yes
Doesn't slow down bandwith Yes No
Upscope enables us to provide an immersive educational experience at a moment's notice.
— Alex Calvert, Director of Accounts at NurseGrid

Installs in 5 minutes…

We believe in simple installations and beautiful integrations. To install Upscope, simply copy and paste our code on the pages you want to view.

…and plays well with others

Upscope simply integrates with the most popular live chat services so you can view the user’s screen in one click during a conversation.